Pandemic customer support

We all have been touched by the COVID19 pandemic in some form or another.

Shops, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers have all been effected.


Green Owl Toys understands that no two weeks are the same and we all need to adapt to governments advice week-by-week. And so Green Owl Toys are adapting their T&C's accordingly.

From 1 May 2020 until 31 April 2021, we are relaxing our Minimum order quantity.

You may order one or 50 of one item as long as your order reaches a minimum of £200 (excl VAT). 

If you wish to only order toys from our toddler toys page, the minimum order is £50 (excl VAT).

This is only valid on products found in our 2021 Catalogue.


This does not include any brands we represent. Their terms and conditions remain the same and are individually set.


Each company has their own concerns. If you would like to talk them over, we aim to accommodate your suggestions.


Please call 020 8851 9904 or email

Below are some images that are free to download and use for your gift shop.

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