Pandemic customer support

We all have been touched by the COVID19 pandemic in some form or another.

Shops, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers have all been effected.

We would like to offer our support to our customers who are easing out of lock down. Green Owl Toys has adapted their T&C's. 

The following is offered until 25 July. (we have extended the date so that all our customers can have the benefit)

  • minimum order value has been lowered to £100 

  • postage and packaging is included for orders above £150

  • this includes all the items in our combined 2020 catalogue

  • reserve your stock for a specific date*.

  • Prices remain the same.


                  * you have up to 2 weeks before the reserved date for any amendments/cancellations.


Each company has their own concerns. If you would like to talk them over, we aim to accommodate your suggestions.


Please call 020 8851 9904 or email

Below are some images that are free to download and use for your gift shop.

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